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Would You Buy an OPPO Smart TV in Kenya?

Image courtesy Android Authority

After weeks of speculation, OPPO has officially confirmed that it is working on its first smart TV expected to launch later this year. This was made clear by OPPO’s executive who reportedly said this to a Chinese website.

The news came as the company was also announcing plans to expand its portfolio beyond just smartphones. In his statement, the executive also said that the company is working on its Internet of Things (IoT) vision that will create a multi-terminal, cross-scenario smart life.

This will be the company’s first entry into the world of smart TVs that have been attracting a number of rival tech companies. OPPO will now be joining the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Motorola and Nokia who also launched their smart TVs quite recently.

Unfortunately, nothing has been revealed about the TV so it is a matter of waiting for the company to give out more with time. It also seems like OPPO has done a pretty good job in keeping the details close to the chest as no leaks have been shared until now.

Being a smart TV, it is obvious that the TV will come running on Android and therefore run a number of Google services including Google Assistant voice control. It is also expected that the TV will pack a number of features available on OnePlus and Samsung TVs.¬† Everything else could be revealed later just before its launch…fingers crossed.

We would also love to see the TV launch beyond its home market and hopefully come to the Kenyan market. Its success will obviously depend highly on the TV’s specs and the price.

The Chinese company had also launched its first wireless earbuds dubbed Enco W31 in the country, which have surprisingly received positive feedback. Additionally, OPPO’s new¬†smartwatch was also unveiled globally with a curved AMOLED display, which looks erringly similar to the Apple Watch.

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  2. Can’t wait to have one 55″

  3. Yeah, it’s awesome

  4. Yes

  5. I love everything oppo,using the A5s 2020 very nice phone

  6. Am a Huawei person. So am waiting for the Huawei smart to be launched locally.

  7. Then go where there is a Huawei post not here, don’t be stupid… I have noticed that u are everywhere around oppo post’s and criticising them, shame on you i think Google should block you from accessing the net. Hater with no reason! Shame on you again!!

  8. Consider giving oppo user first priority to purchase one at a fair price.hope they are android too

  9. No I would not, first of all it takes you ages to update, I have oppo F11 pro but I’m still using Android 9, I have been using your F series since 5 but this is the last one.m
    So second, I’m a Samsung die hard when it comes to TV.

  10. Oppo is camera,TVs doesn’t have cameras

  11. Cant Wait for the 65 INCH TV

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