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This Huawei Smart TV Has a Bezelless Screen and a Pop-Up Camera

huawei x65 smart TV
Image courtesy Huawei

Chinese tech company Huawei has fully decided to venture into the world of TVs with the latest launch of the Huawei X65 Smart TV. The 65-inch OLED TV had been teased and rumoured for quite a while and finally, the world can get to know what it is all about. Unveiled in its home market, the TV definitely stands at the high-end category with a starting price of about KES 375,000 9 (XCNY 24,999).

With that price of course comes some premium features meant to compete with brands at the same price range. The OLED display comes with the support of HDR10 format for gaming, a peak brightness of 1000 nits, 120Hz refresh rate. What stands out as well is the ultra-thin frame almost making it look like there’s none. Moreover, Huawei did confirm that the display has been certified for eye health, giving off minimal blue light.

huawei smart TV

Image courtesy Huawei

As speculated earlier, the sound system packs 14 under-display speakers, consisting of six full-range drivers, six tweeters for highs and two woofers for the lows.  Living up to previous promises also is the pop-up camera meant to help anyone that uses the TV for video calling. It is, however, not clear whether the developers utilised it to enable gesture control.

The TV runs on Huawei’s very own Hongmeng OS, powered by the Honghu Processor. You will also be getting 6GB of RAM with 128 GB of storage. With the battle still going on though, you would wonder whether a user will be able to download apps like Netflix or Google services like YouTube.

Either way, the features and price certainly tell you that this is not a device for everyone. It is highly expected to see the TV in the Kenyan market although not certain. But if or when it does show up, it will be interesting to get a glimpse of what Huawei came up with really.

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