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Xiaomi Reveals New Bizarre TV With A Transparent OLED Screen

xiaomi TV
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Xiaomi is celebrating its 10th anniversary and for that, the company has unveiled a somewhat interesting new product. The Chinese company that is famous for its smartphones has quietly been venturing into the world of TVs alongside a couple of other brands.

But it seems that Xiaomi is looking to introduce some really interesting new tech into modern-day television screens. The latest one might very well be up there when it comes to advance TVs.

The brand took to the stage to unveil its new 55-inch OLED screen that lets you see through. Dubbed the Mi TV LUX OLED, the screen is clearly all about displaying solitary objects floating in space.

The TV is transparent partly due to the fact that Xiaomi focused the tech on the base rather than the display. However, what fascinates the most is how the company got to utilise the transparent OLED technology (TOLED) which is not something everyone can do.

Xiaomi TV

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The only other brand that brags of this tech is LG that you would actually refer to as the chief when it comes to OLED displays.

TOLED screens use transparent components all the way through the stack that makes up the screen. With no need for backlighting, images on the screen actually look like they are floating. Other OLED screens normally use a reflective layer behind the display, which prevents you from seeing through even if the back was removed.

The end product of this tech is then a 55-inch transparent TV that “looks like a mere glass display” when it’s off.

The screen features 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time just like LG’s. Additionally, the TV is a smart device featuring Xiaomi’s AI Master Smart Engine and the custom-made MediaTek 9650 chip. The processor, according to Xiaomi, is meant to help with image optimisation and colour enhancement.

The Mi TV LUX OLED is scheduled to launch for sale in China first at about KES 780,000 (49,999 yuan) on August 16th. Despite how expensive, we cannot help but wish that Xiaomi shipped it over to Kenya as well.

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