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Best LG InstaView Fridge Videos To Watch Online

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The LG InstaView refrigerator lineup is one that has proven to bring futuristic smart features to the modern-day kitchen. The 2020 models, in particular, have some really cool specifications meant to give that classy feel while also help save energy and power.

From the mirrored glass panel to the water and ice dispenser and adequate storage space, there is no doubt that you will be getting your money’s worth. But if you are not convinced yet, there are a couple of YouTube videos that can help you with that. They focus on the various features while also showing real-life demonstrations. So, some of them include:

Head-to-Head Comparisons

It is common for customers to want to compare two similar yet competing products whenever considering to get one. This video helps with that by comparing the LG Instaview fridge to the Samsung Family Hub Smart fridge which would happen to be its biggest rival. Now even though these two are older versions (2019), it is important to know which of the two brands has brought out the most innovative features for a modern-day premium refrigerator.


Expert Review

This video gives an in-depth look at what the French Door Instaview refrigerator brings in the freezer and fridge compartments and how efficient it actually is.

Real-life Layman’s Review

As much as tech reviewers can be thorough with their demonstrations of products, it’s always good to see what a normal consumer would want to say about their new product. This video shows normal parents who had just won the matte black French Door model giving an honest quick look of the product while demonstrating them quite well.

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