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5 Quick Steps To Make Your Home Wi-Fi Faster

How to make home wifi work faster

We’ve all had that moment when you move into a different room and suddenly there’s no wifi. That also happens to be the exact time your boss wants some work done and explaining that your WiFi isn’t working, won’t cut it. Let’s try and reduce these embarrassing moments. Here are a few ways to make your WiFi network work faster.

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Put Your Wifi Router Nearer The Centre Of Your House

Wifi waves are Radio Waves and they are fairly short, about 12cmpw (centimetres per wave).  The signal gets weaker as you move further from the router. The waves are blocked and absorbed by walls and other obstacles.

Placing it in the right spot makes a huge difference. The more centrally placed your router is, the more evenly distributed the wifi waves will be. If your rooms are too far apart, we suggest getting a wifi extender to better your chances of receiving wifi at every corner of your house.

**Pro-tip: The position in your house where you can see most rooms is the best place to set-up your wifi router

Keep It Out In The Open And Away From Other Electronics.

Most users like to have all their electronics together. However aesthetically pleasing that may be, electronics interfere with the router signal and that disrupts the waves. TV’s, DVD’s and computers should not be too close to the router.

Position The Antennae Differently

Devices work best when their personal antennae are parallel to the routers. Routers generally have 2 antennae. Position one horizontally and another vertically to get the highest chance of attaining a parallel connection.

Buy New Equipment

Measure your signal strength and find out whether it’s working well. There are a number of apps — like Cloudcheck or Amped’s Wi-Fi Analytics — that allow you to map your signal throughout your house, and figure out where it’s weak. If your internet is still slow, you may opt to buy new tech and see whether that will solve the issue.

Check To See If Your Service Provider Is The Problem

We’ve experienced a lot of issues with service providers and they could just as easily be the problem. Contact your network provider and alert them that you are having a problem and they will help or suggest solutions.

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