Here’s Why Your Zuku Fiber Internet Is Not Working

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If you’ve been trying to use your Zuku Internet and it’s not working, don’t worry, it’s not you.

Zuku has gone down once again enraging the millions of subscribers it has under its umbrella. Since morning, they have been experiencing outages and they have released statements explaining the cause of the outage.

Zuku users are experiencing slow internet speed and despite their efforts to contact Zuku Customer Care, they are slow to respond. Most of their customer care hotlines are not going through and their twitter account has been more than silent apart from the single post they made.


Zuku depends on SEACOM’s undersea cables and that has turned out to be the cause of the issue. SEACOM issued a statement on Facebook acknowledging that one of their subsea cables between Mombasa and Zafarana is experiencing a service outage.


SEACOM is experiencing a service-affecting outage on its subsea cable system between Mombasa and Zafarana.

All linear transmission traffic on the SEACOM Subsea Cable system on the East Coast of Africa, to and from Europe are affected. Customers with IP or other managed network services terminating between Dar es Salaam and South Africa will remain unaffected but could experience a slight increase in latency as traffic is routed over SEACOM’s West Coast transmission links.

The outage has affected many Kenyans reducing their download and upload speeds to mere 0.57 megabytes per second.

Customer Care

Their customer care services are putting Kenyans between a rock and a hard place. Most Kenyans are complaining that Zuku did not take the time to even inform their users and keep them updated. They have been quiet during most of the outage and their numbers are not going through. If they do go through, they put you on hold and there is little to no communication.

Even their online pages are not responsive. They seem to be entirely offline.

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  1. Zuku is the most useless internet provider …..
    For last 3 months although paying for 30 bandwidth I can hardly strea music or tv!!!
    They send engineers who have no idea…… and keep on sending them…..again wasting days trying to sort out! They are clueless….and then another lot comes in and again same story……..
    Is there no one responsible enough to respond to this at least??
    Zuku lines stay unanswered night or day!!!
    Account no 133697

  2. Do you have Consumer right Commission in Kenya? If yes Zuku must answer the questions coming from their customers. We are Zuku customer we are calling them using our credit, they hung up the phone, no one is talking or telling us what happened to the internet. Why….

  3. the most frustrating part is the lack of communication you have our numbers just sending a text and saying there is a problem from your side. is that too much to ask for? the customer service from zuku is the poorest, you play with peoples money if you don’t improve you will be losing more clients than your getting

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