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Some Of The Best Sony BRAVIA TVs To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices

Sony Bravia TVs
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When Sony and TVs are mentioned in the same sentence, you definitely know that we are getting too the expensive segment. The Japanese electronics company is on the top alongside other strong rivals like LG and Samsung. But Sony being there for a while has its grab in the global market and even in Kenya. This is also thanks to the quality products that they have been making for decades now and they just keep getting better.

But the quality does not come cheap and we have compiled some of the best TV screens that you can check out in various stores around the capital and beyond.

Sony Digital TVs

A brand like Sony is not known much for its digital TVs. Like said earlier, Sony Electronics has dealt mainly in high-quality products for even higher prices. But that does not mean that they cannot be down to earth once in a while.

40″W650D- Kes.36,100

40″R350E- Kes.37,000

32″R300E- Kes.26,000

Smart High-Resolution TVs From Sony

When it comes to quality, Sony might very well be among if not at the top. From 2K to 4K to even the upcoming 8K screens, you can rely on Sony to come up with the highest competitors in that segment. The price though is one that shocks many making them not even want to step to that Sony aisle in the store. But here is a list of some of those TVs that you might not have had a chance to look up before and probably missed out on the best;

32″W600D- Kes.32,500

32″660E- Kes.23,000

43″W660E- Kes.41,800


43″W66F- Kes.45,500

48″W650D- Kes.60,500

43″X7500F- Kes.70,000

43″X8000E- Kes.66,400

49″W660F- Kes.62,000

50″W660F- Kes.63,000

55″X7500F- Kes.70,000


43X7000e- Kes.62,000

49″X8300G- Kes.66,000

55″X7500- Kes.105,000

55″7000F- Kes.96,000

65″X8000G- Kes.140,000

65″X8500F- Kes.160,500

PS: Prices of these products may vary depending on the store that you choose.

We will be sure to update this list occasionally as Sony and other stores Kenyan stores add to their lists.

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