Editorial Policy

Gadgets Africa does not accept preconditions for coverage of a story that require us to say certain things, this includes being coerced to give positive reviews or omitting certain truths to fit a preferred narrative.

We do not give the privilege to review our articles and videos before we publish unless the article/video is sponsored and marked as so.

Occasionally, we do accept guest posts from both professional and amateur writers as long as they meet our Editorial Guidelines. These articles will be marked as Guest Posts and will contain information of the writer. Our decision to publish an article does not mean we support the opinion of the writer. We reserve the right to publish, refuse to publish or takedown an already published guest post without prior notice.

We do accept review devices from companies for a limited period for evaluation purposes, but this does not guarantee that we will publish a review of the said products. If need be, we may keep a review unit for an extended period to fully evaluate it and its software updates over time. If a company wishes to let our editorial team keep any device for good, this does not influence our perception of the product, neither does it guarantee a positive review.

Some of our content may contain affiliate links from select e-commerce platforms. This means that Gadgets Africa will receive a commission for purchases made through those links. Such affiliations do not influence the direction of our reviews, we remain committed to providing honest and independent reviews of the products we interact with.

We, on occasion, distribute sponsored content through our site and social media platforms. Such content will either be marked as “Sponsored”, “Partner Content” or contain the bi-line of the sponsor. However, the editorial team does not accept money or any other form of compensation as an incentive to write an article. The editorial team shall also not be influenced by current, past or future clients on editorial matters that may affect such clients.

We are humans (yes, we make all our writers take the ‘I am not a robot’ test) and sometimes mistakes happen despite our efforts to avoid them. In such scenarios and an article needs a correction or an update after more information is made available to us, these updates will be clearly noted at the bottom of the story, indicating clearly what was changed.

We sell advertising space on our site, either directly or through third-party services. These advertisements do not reflect the views of the Gadgets Africa editorial team.

Gadgets Africa is a subsidiary of Wee Media Inc. Wee Media has several investors but none of the investors has an influence on the content we publish.