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Samsung TVs Lead The Global Market As Sales Grow in Kenya As Well

Samsung Tvs digital and smart- kenya
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Samsung topped the global TV markets for its 15th consecutive year, according to the global market research firm, Omdia. The recently released report notes that Samsung recorded 31.8% in global TV markets share by revenue in Q4 2020 and retained the largest annual category market share by revenue in 2020, at 31.9%.

The dominance in the TV market was even evident in the Kenyan market where the firm notes an increase in the purchase of TVs amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. A number of Kenyans chose to acquire smart TV sets as upgrades from normal digital TVs.

Consequently, this growth in demand saw Samsung take a share of the pie as it has been increasing its range of smart TVs in the market.

Sam Odhiambo, Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung notes, “Last year was a very good year for us in terms of TV sales despite the fact that we were facing a global health pandemic. With people spending more time at home we saw an increase in TV sales from the month of June all the way to September. Earlier on, from May to June we saw an increase in the purchase of fridges,”

The South Korean electronics giant hopes to maintain the lead with the introduction and expansion of its core products and integration of new technology and features across all TV line-ups.

The new Neo QLED TV series is expected to help in the growth of sales alongside Samsung’s Micro LED TVs.

There is no doubt that 2021 will see a rise in competition from rivals like Sony and LG that have been aggressively marketing their new products even in the Kenyan market as well.

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