Steps to Take When You M-PESA the Wrong Person or Till Number

M-PESA Reversal wrong number
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At least more than once, Safaricom M-PESA users have each found themselves in a tricky wrong number or till scenario. It is a moment we all hope to avoid, and Safaricom has measures to help you with that.

The top of this is Hakikisha. It is a service for all M-PESA customers that enables them to confirm the name of the person on M-PESA before completing the transaction. It also allows you to confirm the name of the agent/till merchant you are dealing with.

However, mistakes happen, and you could fail to “hakikisha” properly. In the event of such a misfortune, here are some steps you can take.

Steps to Take When You M-PESA the Wrong Person/Till

STEP ONE: M-PESA Wrong Number Reversal

You can use the M-PESA app, MySafaricom app, Safaricom chatbot Zuri or SMS to initiate a wrong recipient reversal.

To request a reversal on SMS;

  1. After completing the transaction, please send the whole message to 456.
  2.  You will receive a response from “Reversal” that the request for a reversal has been started, and that an update will be shared within 2 hours.
  3.  You are encouraged to check your messages for an update from the header “Reversal” on the status of the reversal.

For the apps, the transaction must have been done using the M-PESA/MySafaricom APP to request a reversal.

To request an M-PESA reversal from the chatbot Zuri, save Zuri’s number – 0722000100. After, go to Whatsapp to initiate a conversation with Zuri.

Wrong Till Number- (Buy Goods and Services)

If you have sent money to Safaricom MPESA till number, it’s possible to reverse but not easy as it is when you send to Safaricom mobile number. First, call Safaricom through customer care number 100 and explain the situation.

The till number owner will be asked whether they will accept reversal or not, if they refuse to accept, Safaricom will finally call you to inform you to report to the police for a complaint.

STEP TWO: Report to the Police

Just like with the till merchants, there is a chance it could get difficult to reverse M-PESA sent to the wrong person. This mostly happens when they already withdrew it. Since Safaricom is not in the litigation business, you have to turn to the law.

Section 35 of the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act makes this an offence. If a recipient fails to reverse an M-PESA payment that was made erroneously, you risk a two-year jail term, Kshs. 200,000 fine or both.

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  1. I sent money to wrong till pls help

  2. It’s good for the government to assist Mpesa users by coming up with online reporting process for those who use money send to them and fail to reverse.

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