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Here’s What We Think of the Infinix X1 Smart TV

Infinix x1 smart TV
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Companies specifically known for their expertise in the smartphone world have lately been extending their camps into the TV market. Infinix clearly never wanted to be left behind as they recently launched their new Infinix X1 Android TV. The brand went further to also release the TV in various African markets including Kenya in two size models, 43 inches and 32 inches that are now selling for KES 31,990 and KES 19,490 respectively.

But as much as this is a milestone for the brand, it is important to note that the market is pretty much flooded with models and makes of all kind and quality. And yes, TVs are getting better and cheaper which is really fascinating. So, what does the Infinix X1 Android TV bring to the table?


The TV can clearly be seen as the brand’s attempt at venturing into the TV world. You wouldn’t expect it to be as complicated in terms of design as it is covered in a simple plastic chassis. It is not one that would be described as the thinnest but still does the job.

Infinix X1 TV

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According to various reviews, the TV is surprisingly light which would help for anyone that needs to move it. This can mostly be associated with the plastic cover just like many other models.

The bezels around the screen also look quite thin which would be appealing for many that are looking for such a feature.

The remote is also quite functional with an array of controls including YouTube and Netflix buttons. Unfortunately, there is no microphone for voice control but you can still wake Google Assistant on the TV itself if you have to.


The TV features an LED display that puts out 1920 x 1080 pixels. So, you should not expect that high dynamic resolution with the Infinix X1. Considering it is LED, we don’t think you should be eager to receive impressive levels of colour or contrast.

With that said, the display has been described to be bright enough thanks to the LCD panel. So, you can still enjoy your content and gaming experience while at a reasonable distance.

Infinix X1 smart TV

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Sound Quality

We would be quick to praise the TV’s sound quality but that does not seem to be the case from various reviews so far. So you might want to invest in a good speaker system if you are planning to get this TV.


The smart TV experience is a reality with the Infinix X1 as it runs on Android providing a wide variety of streaming apps and Android games to install. The fact that it is not as rich in resolution would distract the performance.

Additionally, Infinix has made sure to create a sort of ecosystem with its smartphone users. This is made possible by the Infinix Life app that you can use to link the TV to your Infinix smartphone. With this, you can get to use your phone as a remote controller or mirror for playing Android games.

With a built-in Chromecast, you can be assured of video casting from your smartphone no matter the brand.


There isn’t much to say about the TV other than what can be seen and read about it since we haven’t been able to review it. But it can definitely be a device to consider if you really need a smart TV at its price range. But if you can get better, then it would be hard to convince you to get the Infinix X1 TV.

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