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Air Fryer or Deep Fryer, Which Should You Buy?

Air Fryer
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When it comes to guilty pleasures, most people turn to fried food. As years have gone by, the air fryer has become a trend as it fascinated masses by claiming it lowers the fat content used in foods such as fries and chicken.

As much as it is capturing an audience, have we neglected deep fryers? Here is an in-depth look at the two – comparing pros and cons and the verdict on what you should consider purchasing.

What is an Air Fryer and how does it work?

This is a mini convection oven that promises to give the flavour and texture of meals just like the deep fryer. It’s made with a heat mechanism and fan that is built at the top. It heats food quickly by blasting the food with hot air. It’s quite versatile as you can also roast and grill food.

What is a Deep Fryer?

A deep fryer is an appliance that you use to fry food by submerging it in hot oil.


  • Flavour

When it comes to taste, if you are really into fried food, you should consider the deep fryer. The taste is different since the air fryer uses much less oil compared to the deep fryer. As much as the crispiness is concerned, they both do a great job.

  • Cleaning

The air fryer wins on this one, it comes with a non-stick basket which is easy to clean as the oil used is less compared to a deep fryer. The deep fryer will need more arm strength because of the excessive oil.

  • Power Consumption

Air Fryers are not necessarily the best energy saver compared to the deep fryer. A deep fryer is energy efficient because oil is a great conductor of heat which means that it will cook faster than the air fryer itself.


Compared to the deep fryer, using the air fryer is better to use in terms of oil consumption. Although, there are those days when you want extra greasy fried food, then, you will want the deep fryer. However, with the comparisons, the decision solely depends on your preference.

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