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All The Smart Things LG InstaView Refrigerators Can Do

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LG InstaView refrigerators have proven to be some of the most technically advanced in the market. This is reasonable enough since the manufacturer intended for the product to be a top-tier kitchen appliance and the prices tell it all.

These advancements are meant to make the LG InstaView refrigerator embrace the modern-day smart features to give users that convenience. So, here are some for the coolest things that the fridges can actually do.

Easy Peeking

Thanks to the 33-inch glass panel that the 2020 models have, you can easily take a quick look at what the fridge compartment has in case you are going shopping. All one has to do is knock the panel twice and the light elegantly turns on. The 2021 models are meant to have their panels even bigger to offer you more to view and it is reasonable to see why.

Other than saving you time, LG designed this as a means to make the fridge conserve energy. Normally, opening and closing fridge doors cause fluctuations in temperatures. The extra power it takes to get the fridge back to its intended temperature is something that can be simply spared by checking on the glass panel that InstaView now provides.

Connection To The Internet

LG has also designed the Door-in-Door Instaview fridge to be smart thanks to its connection with the ThinQ app. This is an app that you can simply get on Google Play Store and App Store and use to connect the refrigerator to the internet.

Moreover, the 2021 models now have AI voice control that one can use to open the door without moving a muscle. By simply saying “Open the refrigerator door”, the refrigerator will let you get access to your everyday groceries and drinks.

The interactive voice tech also makes it possible to as the refrigerator for a day’s agenda or even check the status of the ice and water dispensers.

To connect your InstaView refrigerator to the LG ThinQ app, you can follow the instructions on LG’s site.

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