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LG’s 2021 InstaView Refrigerators Set To Bring in These Hygiene-Enhancing Features

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Kitchen appliances are getting smarter by the minute and it’s quite clear that LG  Electronics is here to be part of the revolution. We saw this with last year’s InstaView refrigerators that pack a number of impressive features. Well, the South Korean tech giant is looking to make them even better with a few additional specs that will enhance hygiene in your kitchen.

The company revealed this earlier this month during the virtual CES 2021 event,  showcasing its new InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators that pack upgraded features for improved user convenience.

The first would be an upgrade to the glass panel that is now more immersive and tinted. According to LG, this is designed to complement the general refrigerator’s stainless steel design and aesthetic. The window will be about 23% larger than previous models, making it easier for the consumer to see what’s inside.

UVnano Technology

LG’s new InstaView refrigerators will also incorporate the company’s UVnano technology. This lets the fridge harness the power of light to “effortlessly and effectively maintain a hygienic and germ-free water dispenser tap”. This tech that was introduced back in 2017 has been there in the company’s premium water dispenser products.

UVnano will activate every hour to try and get rid of any bacteria on the refrigerator’s dispenser tap. Luckily, users can also get to activate the feature with the press of a button.

“Open Sesame”

The previous models have had voice control integrated but not at an advanced level as the 2021 models. LG revealed that users will now be able to open the refrigerator door by simply give the AI voice commands. By simply saying “Open the refrigerator door”, the refrigerator will let you get access to your everyday groceries and drinks.

The interactive voice tech also makes it possible to as the refrigerator for a day’s agenda or even check the status of the ice and water dispensers.


The new InstaView product will also feature LG’s freshness-enhancing LinearCooling and DoorCooling systems. LinearCooling minimises temperature fluctuations that are usually the main cause of food going bad. DoorCooling will help cool the entire fridge compartment evenly by distributing powerful airflow.

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