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LG Showcases Smart Ovens With New AI Technology

LG Smart Ovens

LG unveiled their new smart ovens set to simplify the task of managing and maintaining the 21st century home from a cost and convenience perspective. The InstaView Double Oven Range and Over-the-Range Microwave Oven are premium appliances set to upgrade the cooking experience through LG’s advanced core cooking tech and easy access to smart recipes.

“By courting the latest innovations, our intention is to ensure that mealtimes are becoming less labor-intensive while simplifying cooking for not only professional chefs but also home cooks and at the same time saving our customers money on power and maintenance cost,” said LG Electronics East Africa Managing Director Sa Nyoung Kim.

The new ovens connect to LG’s ThinQ app, and will be the first to integrate with the brand-new ThinQ recipe service. LG ThinQ Recipe allows anyone to access easy-to-follow recipes including mouth-watering options from talented creators and LG Originals Series. They are prepared by LG’s own chefs showcasing how to best use features of LG cooking appliances.

The LG ThinQ Recipe service promises a convenient user experience by making all smart kitchen services and content from LG and partners available in one place. With an app, users will be able to search, plan, purchase and then cook hundreds of tasty choices using LG appliances.

It also offers over 10,000 one-click shoppable recipes for the ultimate home cooking experience. Thus turning a single recipe or a weekly meal plan into a grocery shopping orderable directly from the app via Walmart or Amazon Fresh.

Double Oven Range

The Double Oven Range flaunts LG InstaView technology. This is where users can see inside an appliance by simply knocking twice on the face glass, which lights up the inside. As a result, you don’t have to open the door and let the hot air out which alters the cooking environment.

This new range also has LG ProBake Convection tech for quick and thorough cooking without preheating. Resulting in evenly cooked meals. With ProBake’s precise temperature and airflow control means shorter cooking times, and is the backbone of the oven’s Air Fry and Air Sous Vide modes.

Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

Meanwhile, with a minimalist design, the Over-the-Range Microwave Oven has Steam Cook technology in preparing healthier meals. It also has the slide-out ExtendaVent feature which reduces smoke and lingering odours in your kitchen. Plus, its EasyClean interior prevents food and grease from sticking to it, so all you need to fix things up after cooking is a damp cloth to wipe of the particles.




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