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Size Is Cheap: Best 55-inch TVs Under 100k (2019)

Best Tvs 55"
Image Courtesy Digital Trends

If TVs were sold at the clothing rack, 55-inch would probably be on the medium size division.  “Wait,” you say, “my TV is 42 inches and it seems pretty big.” Welcome to 2019, where the TV size is cheap.

The rising popularity of LCD screens has led to ever-lower prices for ever-larger TVs. At this point, you can get a 55-inch television for an insanely cheap price. Maybe even lower than that once Black Friday starts in November. And on the higher end of the market, almost every brand is running to have a 55-inch model. That means this size offers more choice than any other.

So let us help you by listing some of our favourites.

Best Resolution: Hisense 55N3000UW

Hisense 55N3000UW

Image courtesy Hisense

You may not be as tech-savvy to get the best display. But a TV offering a 4K resolution for your everyday entertainment is worth looking at. What shocks, even more, is that the high-end quality comes at just Kes.74,000. This means watching your favourite movies at really good quality and let’s not forget gaming. The screen comes with a 4K upscaling feature for any content that is below that. The world-wide colour systems together with the resolution bring an impressive 178-degree view angle. So, you can basically watch at any angle in your living room without a struggle.

All this is alongside Wi-Fi connectivity and 2 USB ports as well as 1 for HDMI. Worth your money. I highly think so.

LG 55J540V

LG 55J540V  TVs

Image courtesy LG

Starting at about Kes. 70,000, this OLED 2K (1920 x 1080) is definitely one that promises goodness. Despite the lower resolution, the TV offers an upscaling feature to get any content below 2K to what you need. LG promises a whole lot of colour pop for whatever you watch with this screen. And with the screen coming in an OLED option, I wouldn’t see any reason to not to believe it.

Moreover, the TV offers an AC3 sound quality with help form Dolby Digital best known for their expertise in theatre-level audio. You also get an in-built decoder as well as HDMI, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Best Budget: TCL 55P1CFS


Image courtesy Big Ed

A 2K resolution complemented by 100Hz motion/refresh rate would totally not be expected to come at just Kes.68,000. China’s TCL, have really left a mark in this “TV business” and a curved display at such good resolution is nothing but impressive.

With a Smart TV-Quadcore processor, you will most probably stop paying those annoying decoder bills. Even if you aren’t into that, the Wi-Fi connectivity offers room for more diverse sources of entertainment. many may be set off by the curved display, but gamers and video editors can surely appreciate the wide view that can be visible at up to 178-degree angle.

May be cheaper than the others but not when it comes to impressive specs.

Samsung 55RU7300

Samsung 55RU7300 TVs

Image courtesy Samsung

This may very well be a contender for top place on this TVs list. With a curved 4K display at about Kes. 80,000, you do not wonder why it should be among the best.

The high-end quality is made even more possible by a UHD processor, enabling it to upscale quality of any picture under 4K. With a sleek, slim design, the screen offers more with HDR, basically giving you the best colour pop for whatever it is you’re watching.

Moreover, you get UHD dimming that divides and processes the screen into small blocks so you see more precise details. Users of devices from Apple will be pleased even more to hear that the screen comes with AirPlay 2. This enables you to stream or share content from Apple devices to the big screen.

Sony 55X8000

Sony 55X8000 TVs

Image courtesy Masoko

This may throw some people off considering it is the most costly on this list. But that doesn’t set it back at all from offering one of the best performances. For around Kes.99,000, this Sony TV offers you a 4K(3840 x 2160) LED display with a Triluminous feature. This means the best colour pop you could possibly ever hope for. More to the Android support, the screen is here for gamers with its HDR quality, giving exceptional detail, contrast and wide range of brightness.

Additionally, it features the 4K X-Reality Pro to enhance every picture to the high-end resolution. This comes alongside a plethora of connectivity options including Wi-Fi and ethernet. So, yeah all that quality with the option of choosing any source of entertainment ou want.

So, which of these TVs would you take?

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