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Here’s What Makes This LG Washing Machine Smart


The new LG AI-Powered washing machine that won the CES Innovation Award is now available in the Kenya. It is probably one of the smartest washing machines you will ever see. This article will show you what I mean.

The  “clothes butler” – LG Front-load Washing Machine


LG Electronics has become the first company to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in washing machines. Here’s what makes it so smart.
One of the important features in AI-powered washer is the efficient Sterilizing Steam feature. In the wake of the Coronavirus, allergens and bacteria are the worst things that could happen to crawl through our clothes. These dust mites and bacteria threaten the health of many families and could cause other nasal or serious respiratory problems. 
The Steam+function can effectively remove mites and allergens from the laundryAI DD‘s steam also removes odours from eating out or sweating and helps maintains the fabric fibre. This reduces wrinkles and makes the fabric smoother.
Turbo 360˚ Washer
Turbowash makes use of a jet spray to significantly reduce washing times, conserve energy and deliver cleaner clothes. By spraying water directly onto the fabric, the jet spray enhances exceptional washing and rinsing performance of the appliance. 
The new washing machine can also detect the weight of each unique laundry load. It uses AI as well as advanced sensors to identify fabric types in each load.
With this information, the machine is then able to improve cleaning performance, as well as extending the life of your laundry by at least 18%. 
The machine also dries each load according to the weight and type of fabric. It automatically sends the optimal drier settings for each load to the compatible LG drier for great results.
It also features a  3D Multi Spray also helps get clothes clean in less time by shooting jets of water in four different directions simultaneously for more stain-fighting coverage.

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