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What You Should Consider When Purchasing A Blender

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Purchasing an appliance especially one to be used constantly like a blender is a huge deal. You don’t want to get one and have to replace it every now and then. Appliances as a whole are supposed to last you years.

Blenders vary dependent on the size, speed and strength. Many range from as little as KES 1,000 to KES 30,000. Here’s an easy detailed guide to help you through making your blender purchase.

Container material and size

Blender containers have different materials: glass or plastic. Glass containers are durable, and don’t retain an odour over time like plastic containers. Plastic containers are lightweight and barely crack. This is a less expensive option. For size, it depends on the quantity that you want to blend. If you have a number of household members, it’s better to get a larger container.

Speed settings

A good blender should have 3+ speed settings. This gives you better control of the low – high-speed settings. Having less than 3 doesn’t give you much control of the blender.


Get value for your money with the extra attachments that come with the blender like grinders. You can use the grinder for your coffee beans or whole spices.

Ease of Cleaning

The more parts that come with the blender, the more items you have to clean.

A quick hack into saving some time when washing, add water and soap in the container then blend for 1 minute on and off.


Finally, the cost is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing a blender. You can find those that are of good quality and durable at an affordable price. Others are professional grade at a higher price. Always make sure you budget for what you want to purchase.

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