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4 Cool Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Router

Old router

You may have recently switched or updated to a different internet service provider. Now you are wondering what to do with your old router. Here are a few things you can do with it.

Making Use of Your Old Router

1. Wireless Repeater

For many of us, our Wi-Fi network doesn’t reach into every part of your home However, if you have an old router, you can use it as a wireless repeater.

A repeater creates an access point that bounces a wireless signal to your new network router. Thus, setting up this up as a repeater the edge of your current router’s range, it extends the range of the signal

This method can also be used to extend the range outside. There may be some latency issues because of the transfer of data between two points but this method is worth the trial.

2. Guest WiFi

As Kenyans, having guests is part of our culture. Sometimes more than we can handle. Unfortunately, the more they are, the riskier it is for them to have access to your Wi-Fi and subsequently the devices on that network.

With a router, you can use it as a guest Wi-Fi. You can set it up so that they don’t even need a password if you’d like.

3. Turn Your Old Router Into a Wireless Bridge

Sometimes, you could have a wireless router. So, if you need to connect Ethernet devices to your home network, a wireless bridge is the answer.

While inexpensive, this device can be repurposed as a wireless bridge. With this device, rather than share the Wi-Fi connection, the wireless bridge offers Ethernet. The device connects to an existing Wi-Fi network—simply connect devices to the Ethernet ports.

4. Use an Old Router as a Web Server

Your router can also host a basic web page.

You can make a home-only website, intended to share vital information to your family. Alternatively, it might even be a blog, as custom router firmware will support the LAMP stack. This means that you could potentially install WordPress. You can also use it as an affordable staging area for testing themes, plugins, and new code.

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