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This LG Direct View LED 8K TV Costs KES 170 Mn

LG DVLED 325-inch TV
Image courtesy LG

TVs are getting bigger by the minute and this new TV from LG suggests that quite heavily. Heavy enough that the TV would cost you money beyond your wildest dreams. The Korean electronics giant announced a new lineup of Direct View LED (DVLED) home cinema displays. Among them was one show stealer that was the obscene 325-inch 8K panel that costs an eye-watering KES 170 Mn ($1.7 million). Weighing in at 2,000 pounds, this TV would not just be too big but also heavier than some cars. In short, it’s only eligible for those whose home cinemas are big enough for it.

The panel was introduced alongside a 108-inch HD screen but that’s a size we have definitely been used to by now. Both TVs are lit up with separate LEDs rather than LCDs which would cost a lot to use for the manufacturer. This is similar to panels we have seen from other rands that use MicroLEDs or like Samsung’s The Wall and Sony’s Crystal LED.

Like OLED, micro LEDs have the advantage of producing better contrast levels since every pixel turn off and on individually. This goes on to create deeper black levels without the risk of burning.

As reported by CNET, these new DVLED displays are used more by LG as a replacement for high-end projectors that can create images of 100 inches or larger. DVLED is a lot more expensive to acquire even for the manufacturer and this is why it translates to the huge price. However, the screens leave you with a purely cinematic experience with how bright they can get in well-lit rooms achieving a peak brightness of 1200 nits.

But there’s no denying that many will ask who even gets to buy such a TV. LG is said to ship the TV in a full-on flight case to buyers, which even the company admits is “overkill”.

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