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Samsung Smart TVs Are Getting An Apple Music App

Apple Music Kenya
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Apple Music users will be happy to know that the app is extending its boundaries to Samsung’s smart TVs. This is set to be the latest result of the interesting relationship between Apple and Samsung for smart TV services.

Besides, the announcement marks the first time that Apple offers the app for any smart Tv platform, other than the Apple TV set-top box. The app is reportedly similar to the one on Apple TV with access to the full range of playlists, videos and radio stations. This comes after Samsung also became the first smart TV company to pack Apple TV app last year.

While Samsung has already offered support for AirPlay 2 in the past, allowing for Apple Music content to be streamed from another device, today’s news means that subscribers can listen to their music without the need for a second device.

The new app is available starting today on Samsung’s most recent TV models from its 2018, 2019, and 2020 lineups — the same TV sets that support the Apple TV app.

The app may now be available but it will only be a matter of time before other TV brands are able to feature the app as well.

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