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2021 LG Smart TVs Set To Come With Voice Control and a Magic Remote

LG Magic Remote - All Regions
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LG had been one of the busiest firms in the wake of the virtual CES 2021 as new electronics were being presented to people around the world. This was highlighted by the new QNED Mini-LED TVs that are set to launch for sale later this year. But a good smart TV has to be accompanied by impressive software and LG is looking to not disappoint.

The South Korean giant also announced the new webOS6.0 that’s set to debut on these new smart TVs. webOS 6.0 will be a “significant update” to the operating system since it was introduced back in 2014. Furthermore, the software will come in with a new Magic Remote to boot.

According to LG, the new remote controller offers simple controls when using voice recognition with various assistants including LG ThinQ, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

LG Magic Remote - Europe Version

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However, the first thing one will notice on the remote is the new dedicated buttons for services. There are buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and LG Channels. There is also a one-touch NFC (Near Field Communication) function that lets users share content from their phones to the TV or vice versa.

All these functionalities are made possible thanks to the revamp of webOS that now supports the new Magic Remote.

The system’s interface has also received numerous tweaks that LG promises will help “meet the needs of viewers’ changing content consumption habits”. The New Home screen is designed to provide faster access to apps while also streamlining content discovery.

The algorithms integrate will also help viewers discover content and apps that they might want to use. This will depend on their consumption patterns. This will be made possible via a new feature dubbed Next Picks. The feature analyses viewer’s preferences based on their viewing history and recommend more content that would be suited to their tastes.

webOS 6.0 will power LG’s 2021 TV lineup, including OLED, QNED Mini-LED, NanoCell and UHD smart TVs. If you’re wondering if your older TV will be updated to 6.0, the answer is most likely “no” (LG doesn’t do major OS updates).

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