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Samsung Kenya Unveils New Lineup of AI-Centred Electronics

Samsung Neo QLED TV

Samsung Electronics East Africa took to the stage today to host a virtual forum with the goal of educating customers on their new range of AI-enabled consumer electronics. Hosted by Samsung Electronics East Africa Head of Consumer Electronics Division Mr Sam Odhiambo, the firm unveiled its new lineup armed with advanced features to give modern electronics that modern and futuristic experience.

The set included the Neo QLED 8K and 4K Series TV, QLED 2021 Series TV, Crystal UHD 2021 Series TV, 2021 Frame TV and the AI-enabled washing machines, as well as the new Bespoke fridges.

Samsung Neo QLED TV

The Neo QLED TV lineup is quite famous by now thanks to the 8K model that stands out as one of the most expensive TVs in the market. But the features that come with it would definitely justify the price point.

Next to the 8K was the 4K model that has also received a lot of attention globally especially gaming enthusiasts. But it is also safe to say that both variants are filled with features meant to offer a whole cinematic experience no matter what you are watching.

The Neo QLED is available from KES 209,000  for the 55 inches Neo QLED 4K and KES 729,000 for the 75 inch Neo QLED 8K.

AI-powered Washing Machines

The new range of washing machines also joined in on the fun offering exciting cleaning features. This includes the ability to wash garments even at low temperatures thanks to the Samsung Eco bubble technology. With this tech, detergent is turned into bubbles so it can quickly penetrate fabric and get rid of dirt easily. This is while saving energy and protecting clothes’ colour and texture, according to Samsung.

The machine users 4 types of sensors to sense the laundry’s weight and calculates the optimal amount of water and detergent that should be used. Among the group is a turbidity sensor that monitors the level of soiling and adds more detergent or rinsing time if necessary.

These washing machines range from between KES 82,000 to 198,000.

Samsung Bespoke Fridges

The Bespoke fridges were also presented during the session. The range is made up of the tall one door fridge, the tall one door freezer and a bottom mount fridge.

The refrigerators are designed to offer much aesthetically as one can install either as a counter-depth style or a kitchen-fit style. They feature a minimalist flat design that allows them to blend perfectly with modern kitchen decor.

According to Samsung, the fridges have a large capacity allowing for enough space to store the user’s groceries. The fridges range from 139,000 to 145,000 Kenya Shillings.

Speaking during the presentation, Sam Odhiambo said, “With a majority of our customers working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen a 25% increase in the demand for consumer electronics. We have seen a demand increase in the fridge category and we can attribute this to people spending more time at home hence consuming more. People also want more aesthetically pleasing electronics, they want a Fridge that matches the colour of their walls or a TV that blends into the overall look of their living space; the Bespoke range of fridges as well as the Frame TV’s comes in to fill the gap to ensure that people get the functionality in their electronics as well as aesthetics”



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