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Dubai-Based Electronics Brand Maser Enters Kenyan Market With a Range of Affordable TVs


The electronics industry in Kenya has been steadily growing over the years with companies from all over the world coming in with products for the Kenyan consumer. It is fair to acknowledge that at this point there is a lot of competition in the market in every price segment.

The high-end electronics market is one that gets to provide attractive premium products and there are certain brands known for dominating that division. But it is clear that there are electronics companies particularly from the East that have been coming in with appliances of much lower prices but still compelling enough.

This what Maser is looking to do with its potential move into the Kenyan market. The Dubai-based electronics company has been gradually extending its portfolio with a range of entertainment appliances. Maser has also been gradually expanding its camp into Africa since 2014 and now operates in Malawi, Gambia and Senegal. And now, it looks like Maser is looking to add Kenya into its list.

“The first products we rolled out were LED TVs, distributing them into Tier 2 and 3 cities across the Middle and East Africa. Our vision has been to make them so affordable that each home could have a big-screen LED TV and enjoy their favourite channels at home. For example, you can buy a Maser TV of 40 inches for the price of Sony TV of 32 inches,” founder and chief executive of Maser Prateek Suri explains.

The Kenyan market is flooded with brands particularly from China and Japan and it will be a breath of fresh air to see a brand from a different country invest in the market.

“With strong sales and sustained growth, Maser is now poised to enter an ambitious phase of expansion into the East African market, Kenya being the most potential marketplace,” Mr Prateek adds.

Speaking to Gadgets Africa, Maser revealed its plans to come in with a huge range of entertainment appliances including TVs, soundbars and home theatres that it hopes will help compete with the pre-existing brands.

The range of TVs is also reasonably big from sizes and functionality. They include:

  1. 24-inch A-Series LED TV
  2. 32-inch W-Series Curved 4K TV
  3. 40-inch A-Series Curved 4K Smart TV
  4. 40-inch W-Series 4K TV
  5. 50-inch A Series Curved 4K Smart TV
  6. 55-inch & 65-inch W-Series Curved 4K Smart TV
  7.  75-inch Series 4K Smart TV
Maser CEO Prateek Suri

Mr Prateek Suri, Maser CEO

It is important to note that the various TV lineups listed above come in different models. So, you can expect a huge list of appliances to make their way in Kenyan stores.

There is also a variety of ultrasonic devices that are expected to launch in the country in various models as well.

It is still not clear how much these appliances will be selling. However, it would be reasonable to expect the company to go for affordable costs in a bid to attract Kenyan consumers during its early stages in the market.

Maser also sees the move to Kenya as an opportunity to contribute to the community through employment opportunities. “This project will, in turn, create jobs for local people in Kenya in our outlets and as distributors.”

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