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Best Hisense TVs To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices

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The Kenyan market for TVs continues to prove that you don’t need a tonne of money to own a good TV set. This is mainly thanks to brands that have been making their way to the market with some really affordable products. Of course, it is still up for debate how much these brands value quality over cost. But this, in the end, falls to Kenyans whether they just want big TVs with average to mediocre quality.

TVs from Hisense are not what you would particularly refer to as premium. But with the good prices and promising quality, it is clear a number of people are out for them. So these are just some of the TVs you can get out there in various stores around Nairobi.

Digital Hisense TVs

With these TVs, you don’t have to pay for your normal decoder subscriptions anymore as it comes pre-installed.

32″ A5100- Kes.16,000

32″ N50HTS- Kes.20,500

55″ A6100UW- Kes.63,000

32″ HE32M2160TS- Kes.16,000

Smart Hisense TVs

With a stable wireless connection, you get to connect to various streaming services with these TVs thanks to the Android OS running on them.

32″ A5600HW- Kes.22,000

32″ A5600PW- Kes.59,000

39″ N2170PW- Kes.35,000

40″ N2182- Kes.28,000

40″ N2182PW- Kes.27,600

40″ HE40M2160FTS- Kes.31,000

43″ A5600- 35,000

43″ A6100UW- Kes.38,200

49″ A5700- Kes.42,000

43″ N2170PW- Kes.36,500

50″ A6100- Kes.47,800

55″ A6100 4K- Kes.55,700

58″ A6100UW 4K- Kes.61,500

55″ A6100- Kes.55,200

43″ A5600- Kes.35,000

49″ A2170PW- Kes.50,000

55″ A5500UW- Kes.56,800

65″ N3000- Kes.94,200

50″ N3000UW- Kes.50,000

50″ A6103UW- Kes.52,000

43″ A5600PW- Kes.36,500

49″ N2170PW- Kes.45,000

The prices might differ depending on where you buy them and the capacity in terms of storage** 

This list will be continuously updated as and when Hisense add to their list of TVs this year.*

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