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Samsung VS LG: A Battle Between Two of The Most Expensive TV’s in Kenya

Samsung VS LG

TV’s are becoming more of a home bragging statement than they used to before. We are watching a lot more content and honestly who does not want to watch the best content on the best TV? I know I don’t. Now, disclaimer, this may not be the best or most expensive TV’s on the market but these are currently the most expensive Samsung and LG TV’s in the Kenyan market today.

LG VS Samsung

LG C9 77″ 4K Smart OLED TV 
LG 77" Class OLED C9 Series 2160p Smart 4K UHD TV with HDR ...

Image Courtesy Best Buy

Key Features

The ThinQ AI

This feature alongside the 4K OLED screen makes what you’re watching that much more realistic. The company says that it helps “bring images to life”.

It analyses a huge database of images and makes the image look sharper and more life-like down to the pixel level.

The LG C9 also has a brightness feature that makes the TV brighter to match a bright room or dimmer in dark rooms. As for voice control, LG uses Google Assistant and that makes work much easier when using the remote for voice search.

Dolby Vision & Atmos Cinema

With this amount of sound, you get the full theatre experience right from home. With the audio return channel (eARC), you can connect your TV to any other sound pieces through HDMI. This bumps up the sound and you are able to enjoy quality Dolby Atmos uncompressed sound.


LG C9 OLED Review: The Best Is Back and Better Than Ever | Tom's Guide

Image Courtesy Tom’s Guide

The TV is quite minimalistic and the design seamlessly blends into any space. The TV is very thin. It might be thinner than your phone too.

However this affects the sound, but that’s why you should get a soundbar or home theatre device. It also comes with the long-awaited HDMI 2.1 which should be compatible with the new Xbox 1 and PS5.

This also allows for variable refresh rates that would make this one of the most expensive gaming monitors.

Price: KES 1,249,995.00

Samsung 82″ Q900 8k TV

Samsung Brings World's First QLED 8K TV to India, This Ultra ...

Image Courtesy Samsung

Key Features

The 8K Screen!

The screen is amazing! If you have 8K content. However, since most of the content we have is at most 4K we still get some pretty pristine quality! Basically, everything looks good.

The screen also has great viewing angles so you never have to miss a beat even when there are guests and you have to sit at the corner. It is a semi-gloss anti-reflective screen that allows you to watch the TV even in bright rooms with little to no reflections.

The Q900 is a gamers paradise. It has a really fast response time so gaming should be a fantastic feat on this TV with most 60fps games.


Samsung Q950R 8K QLED TV review | TechRadar

The TV has metal borders and a wide set stand should you need to put it on a TV Mount. However, if you want to mount it, it is very thin and is compatible with Samsung’s ‘No Gap Wall Mount”.

Also, if you do not want to use the stands, you can place them behind your TV in an ‘M-shaped’ compartment. Thus you don’t have to put them in a box or risk losing them.

The TV can get hot but that’s a sacrifice worth taking as the heat comes from lights that make it easier to watch the TV from different angles.

This TV is Smart

The Samsung Q900 is an intuitive device with an easy to use home bar and subsequent remote. You can download apps and stream content right from the TV.

The remote also has a voice command feature powered by Bixby.Samsung Q900 8K TV Review - Consumer Reports

The TV also has a ‘One Connect Box’ that takes all your connections into one box separate from the TV. This box then connects to the TV with one cable making your wire management much easier.

Price: KES 982,995.00

The battle is tight with both TV’s giving off amazing quality and useability. You co=an go over to any store and see for yourself what really peaks your interest. In this comparison though, the LG C9 trumps Samsung when it comes to the smart features and the sound quality is much better. However, the screen quality dips towards the Samsung Q900. 

Honestly, it really depends on what you want and how much money you have.

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