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Apple Steps Up its Gears With A New Smart Home Theatre Concept

Apple Home Theatre

Smart homes look to be taking centre stage in the world of Technology and Apple will not be left behind. Apple has acquired a Smart Home Theatre patent and the possibilities are limitless.

How Did It Happen

According to Patently Apple, Apple was awarded a patent for a “Wireless and wired speaker hub for a home theatre system.” It consists of  7 output speakers and a subwoofer that transmits a “plurality of channels” to the central audio hub.

They acquired this patent from KSC Industries. Their LinkedIn page describes the company as: “a product development and technology licensing company focused principally on audio.”

Patently Apple shared images of the patent, which show a living room outfitted with a complex entertainment setup. We’ve long seen concepts of this nature from Bose, Sonos and high-end TV manufacturers like LG and Samsung.

Apple Smart Home Theatre

Apple could very well have a Home Theater System on the drawing board. They are coming in knowing that such systems have been on the market for years.

It’s possible Apple’s plans to compete with these longtime audio savants could be the next evolution of the Apple 4K TV or a similar streaming hub. Either way, the company will need a unique angle for improving home entertainment if it wants to take on the companies that have dominated the speaker market for years.

The Apple Smart Home Theatre Competition

Both Bose and Sonos already make smart home theatre systems similar to the one described in this patent. Apple would have plenty of high-end competition if it did decide to enter the home theatre audio market.

Apple will need to be at the top of its game if it is to prise customers away. With the HomePod and Apple TV in the mix, Apple actually has a fighting chance in the Smart Home business.

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