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Check Out This LG Smart Closet That Sanitises Your Clothes Overnight


The pandemic has undoubtedly made millions of households raise their game when it comes to hygiene. We currently have no other choice but to sanitise and clean our hands regularly daily and make sure the equipment and surfaces we use are clean as well. Well, this product from LG is built to keep the one thing you use every day as safe for you as possible.

Having a closet is common but having one that actually cleans your clothes without having to make them wet is a whole different ball game. The LG Styler is designed exactly for that purpose and is one that many may find extra but also quite useful at the same time.

The versatile LG Styler is a compact smart closet that uses steam to sanitise what you intend to wear. You can get to pop in a shirt and pair of trousers for the night and have them fresh and ready-to-go to work or school the next day.

Additionally, the smart closet uses steam to keep your clothes crease-free thus allowing you to go longer between dry cleanings. According to LG, this helps consumers save on time and money in the long run.

LG styler

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It is not a thing many people think about but having clothes that are sanitised properly is probably as important as having your hands clean throughout the day.

The Styker uses TrueSteam Technology that also works well to sanitise those germs hidden sports equipment and cuddly toys that children take everywhere. The closet is also but to help with eliminating odours that might linger in your fabrics even after actually washing them.

Other than the basic functions, the LG Styler features SmartThinQ technology. This allows the user to operate it remotely from anywhere via a smartphone or computer. The user can go as far as selecting programs, monitoring energy consumption and choosing whether they want the clothes dried or sanitised. 

“Evidently and as a mark of excellence on the basis of contribution healthy living and safe lifestyle, LG Styler has earned asthma and allergy-friendly certification from the respected Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American (AAFA) for its superior performance in ridding fabrics of allergens,” LG says.
Unfortunately, the product is not available in the Kenyan market although it would be fun to see how many Kenyans would be intrigued enough to get it.

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