How To Set Up Google Chromecast On Your TV

set up google chromecast

In a world where streaming services are expanding, many people need a bridge between their non-smart TVs and the content they want to stream. Google Chromecast provides a convenient way to cast audio and video from your preferred device to your TV. Different from other streaming devices such as Amazon Fire Stick, it’s a plug-and-play HDMI device.

If you have just bought a Chromecast and aren’t sure how to get it up and running, here’s how to set up your Google Chromecast.

Connect Google Chromecast to your TV

  1. Plug your Chromecast into your TV via the HDMI port.
  2. For the power source, connect the power adapter to the power outlet.
  3. Connect the micro-USB cable from the power brick to a Chromecast.
  4. Turn on your TV and switch to the HDMI input, where you’re connected to the Chromecast.
  5. Follow the instructions on how to turn the white light on the remote.
  6. Use the remote to highlight and choose your language.
  7. Choose the same Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to and enter the Wi-Fi password.

Set Up Chromecast with Google Home

  1. Download the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Open the Google Home app and tap Set up Chromecast on the top left of the screen.
  3. If you haven’t created a home, tap Create Home. If you have an existing home, choose it.
  4. The Google Home app will search for Chromecast.
  5. When found, tap Next at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. Click Accept to accept the Terms of Service and click Agree to the Google Device Arbitration Agreement.
  7. If you have an existing Google Home set up, choose the room where the Chromecast is located. Otherwise, choose Create New and type in the name of the room.
  8. Scan the QR Code on the TV screen with your smartphone.
  9. Name your Chromecast.
  10. Once connected, sign in to your Google account.
  11. Set up your Google Service Data preferences.
  12. Read through the Google Assistant commands.
  13. Enable Universal Search by tapping Allow.

Finish Setting Up Chromecast on Your TV

To set up the Chromecast remote to control your TV:

  1. Click on Set up remote.
  2. Choose to connect to the TV.
  3. Choose the brand of your TV.
  4. Turn the volume up and down on the remote’s side volume buttons. Confirm that it is working.
  5. Press the power button on your remote. If the TV turns off, wait 8 seconds and press the power button again to turn it on.
  6. You will receive a message on-screen that your Google TV remote is set up. Click Next.

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