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Printer Buying Guide: Which Printer Should You Buy In 2022?

printer buying guide
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Just like the many tech devices we use, the perfect printer choice is often as unique as the person using it. There are many different types of printers in the market currently. I won’t lie, shopping for any device is exhausting, inclusive of a printer. The features that you prioritize will have a huge impact on the printer you purchase. In this printer buying guide, we will take a close look at those features to help you narrow down which printer you would want to settle with and guarantee satisfaction.

Types of Printers
  • Inkjet Printer

These are the most common printers as they are cheap to purchase. They use liquid ink to recreate high-quality images or text on paper. They blend the ink colors seamlessly and have many small builds that can easily fit into your home or small office. But while inkjets can be cheap to purchase initially, the ink costs can be very high because of the price of ink cartridges. They also use that costly ink during maintenance cycles to keep the print heads from clogging.

  • Laser Printer
Laser printers use static and heated toners to produce their prints. Even though the price of the laser printer is a bit steep compared to the inkjet printer, the printing could be significantly more affordable in the long run because laser toner is less expensive than inkjet ink. Laser printers have a number of advantages over the inkjet printer. They are faster thank inkjets, especially the low-end inkjets and the quality of text printing is more precise.
Color laser printers are also available.However, they can be pricy and unless they are pro-level printers, the color will not be as good as an equivalently priced color inkjet.
  • Photo Printer

These printers make it possible for you to print professional looking photos at an affordable or probably cheaper cost than that of a photo print shop. Apart form the convenience of printing your photos immediately, the biggest advantage of photo printers is that you no longer need to go to the printing shop and wait for hours on end.

  • Multifunctional Printer

These printers are the best for home offices because they are affordable and also combine the copier, scanner, printer and in some models fax, which saves space in your home. This is why they are called multifunctional printers or all in one’s and are available in both inkjet and laser varieties.

Features to consider when purchasing a printer
  • Printer Use

First and foremost, it’s important to note what the printer will be used for. If it will be for home use or the office. For instance, an office printer should be able to handle any sort of printing  and are incredibly precise and accurate whereas the home printer are relatively cheaper models. The printing quality is sufficient for purposes of basic printing functionalities.

  • Printing Speed

Printing speed is measured by pages per minute (ppm) which varies across different printers. Smaller low volume printers may print as low as 7 pager per minute while, the larger, higher speed devices could print 50 pages per minute or more. The smaller printers could be useful for users who don’t need to print a large volume of pages. But if you are a business user, you should look for the larger, high speed devices. The faster the printer, the faster you complete your tasks.

  • Ease of Use

Ease of use refers to whether the operation methods of the machine are easy for users. And whether it’s simple and convenient to replace bits and bobs. In fact, all printers are similar in operation, but there are printers that are more suitable for new users. If you never use printer before, you should look for printers that require minimal effort to prevent pushing the wrong buttons and possibly destroying your printer.

  • Printing Quality

The basic rule of purchasing any device is testing it out before payment. Otherwise, it will be you to blame if you find the print quality wanting and there is no other way to tell exactly how text and images will appear. The prints that you should get should be true to what was stated for that unit.

  • Black & White or Color?

Monochrome (black and white) printers are better choices for those who only print plain, colorless documents while color printers are best for printing images.

  • Connectivity options

There are a variety of connectivity options available on printing devices. Nowadays, almost every printer supports basic Wi-Fi and cloud printing. However, there are alternative connections like USB, SD card, Ethernet, WiFi, NFC and cloud printing.

  • Warranties

Ensure that there is a warranty for the printer to buy and also inquire on what the warranty covers. The longer the warranty, the better. Ensure the warranty covers replacement parts.


With this extensive printer buying guide, the question of “What printer should I buy?” you should now have a better understanding on finding the perfect printer for your unique needs.

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