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Samsung Electronics Promises To Train You On How To Use Their Electronics

samsung signature service

Samsung Electronics East Africa recently unveiled the Signature Service program for premium customers. This package includes transport from the Samsung dealer store, installation at the customer’s home and detailed user training for the users of the electronics.

Samsung’s inspiration is greatly driven by customer needs at both the technological and service level. By being both a global and local market leader, Samsung has seen the need to provide extra services to their customers to make the purchase process easier.

“As Samsung Electronics, we have invested heavily in research and development resulting in the latest technology in our consumer electronics range. Due to this evolution in technology, we see the need to train our customers on how to use the various electronics in order for them to fully enjoy the benefits of our products” said Mr Sam Odhiambo, Head of Consumer Electronics Division at Samsung Electronics East Africa Limited.

What does the Samsung Signature Service provide?

This package will see the customers have their products delivered to their homes, installed and the users trained. This is in addition to the services already provided by the Samsung call centre where all customers can call to get assistance in regards to their electronics.

Which products apply to the Samsung Signature Service program?

The program applies to selected consumer electronics.

Samsung Electronics greatly prides itself in its research and technology development that is user-driven which guides all the services offered in the different markets. As a result, the Signature Service is amongst the services that were requested by high-end users after customer feedback from the recently launched Samsung online brand store to enable customers to shop for Samsung products from the comfort of their homes.

This service will be available in all Samsung Electronics dealer stores starting with Nairobi, then, later on, in other counties within the coming months.



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