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5 Useful Gadgets: A Laundry Folding Machine That Actually Works

Useful gadgets

Over recent years, many gadgets have been made to solve some of life’s little problems. New tech is released daily. However, many of these gadgets go largely unnoticed. Here are five useful gadgets available for purchase on online platforms.

You may not be able to purchase these gadgets now but it’s great to know that they are in the market.

Foldi Mate: It’s About Time

Foldimate is a home laundry folding robot that can fold a variety of garments like shirts, towels, pants, pillowcases. It claims to fold your clothes into neat piles, ready to put away. Folding an entire laundry load with FoldiMate only takes a few minutes. You could finally get your kids to fold their own clothes. Now that’s a useful gadget.

Mirror: Your Own Personal Work-out Buddy

Whenever I have home work out sessions, I like to be able to see myself and my trainer on my screen. (I want to physically see my muscles growing, haha.) It’s a lot of work getting my phone mounted somewhere and that’s why this piece of tech is a must-have.

It fits and works like a regular mirror but also gives the advantage of having your trainer right in front of you. It keeps up with your health routines and keeps you on track to a healthier lifestyle.

At about Kes 150,000 this isn’t a device for a hobbyist but a must-have for a fitness buff/guru. It could be among a range of useful gadgets to those who take working out very seriously.

Mini Tire Inflator: I Don’t Have To Go To The Petrol Station Anymore

I loathe the times when I have to go to the petrol station and queue in long lines just to refill my tyres. This mini tire inflator will come in handy when you’re stranded at a place you’re not so familiar with and can also be used on bicycles and reinflate balls.

AIR PIX: It’s Time For Some Legal Drone Shots!

This is an all-new drone that is aimed at being the easiest and most affordable drone. It is pocket size and user friendly. It’s like your own personal selfies photographer. It has 8 GB of storage and a 12 MegaPixel camera. You can also record 1080p video footage at 30 frames per second.

NanoHold: Stick your phone to any surface.

The possibilities are endless with this piece of tech. Maybe you’re driving preparing a meal, working out, shooting a video or simply taking a selfie. This device helps you mount your phone on any surface with its millions of suction pads.

This is a continuous series and we will add more tech as we find out about them. Fell free to share something else you might have come across.

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