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Samsung Launches Its Latest Smart Home Appliances in Kenya

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Samsung Electronics today introduced a wide array of its latest smart home appliances in Kenya. This was alongside the new campaign by the company meant to help consumers in understanding the devices more before getting to purchase them.

The firm presented a couple of its new smart consumer appliances Samsung customer experience store at the Mirage Building. Among them were 2020 Samsung QLED 85-inch 8K TV, 2020 Sound Bar, washing machines and refrigerators.

The highlight of the event was obviously the 8K QLED TV that features a Quantum processor. According to Samsung, anyone that buys this can be assured of “immersive sound, endless detail and minimalist design” among more features.

Of course, Samsung went ahead to present some of its other appliances that will be available in its stores.

“We have also noticed an increase in demand for our consumer electronics in the last few months and we can attribute this increase in sales to people spending more time at home during Covid-19. The increase in demand was also another influence in the launch of this campaign to ensure that customers understand the different features of the consumer electronics that we have launched this year in order for them to make more informed purchase decisions”, Sam Odhiambo, Samsung’s Head of Consumer Electronics in East Africa said.

These appliances alongside the educational campaign come shortly after rival LG had launched its own consumer experience store alongside some of its own latest devices at Sarit Centre.

Knowing how advanced these appliances are, it will be interesting to see how they compete in the Kenyan market that mostly focuses on prices.

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