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5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Microwave Can Do Besides Reheating Food


In most households, microwaves are a staple. It’s mainly used for heating, baking or grilling food. However, did you know that you are yet to unlock the full potential of your microwave? Ever wondered how it can help in everyday situations and special circumstances. There are quite a number of uses and not all are cooking related. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know your microwave can do.

Clean your microwave with ease

Place some white vinegar in a microwave safe bowl and heat it for 3 minutes. The vinegar will cause a grime fighting steam that makes it quite easy to wipe clean the messes in the microwave.

Remove food particles from dirty dishes

Soak a paper towel with lemon juice and vinegar. Place it on the dirty dish and heat it for 2 minutes. Let the steam cover the dish from the towel, wipe then rinse it clean.

Sterilize soil

Sterilizing soil helps protects plants from pests and diseases. Good thing soil can be sterilized with a microwave. Put moist soil in a microwave safe dish and heat it of 2 minutes. Let it cool and get to planting.

Remove stamps from an envelope

For those who like collecting stamps, this is an easy method of removing the stamp from an envelope without having to tear it accidentally by pulling it. Put a drop of water on the stamp and place it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. It should loosen up well and peel off with little to no effort.

Disinfect Sponges

The kitchen sponge is home to lots of bacteria. They tend to stay moist most of the time and have holes where bacteria can harbor and multiply. Rather than spreading bacteria in your kitchen, put the sponge in the microwave and run it for 1 minute. Ensure that it is moist first. This is more convenient than cleaning it in the dishwasher.



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