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Cool Bathroom Tech Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

bathroom gadgets

You spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom every day, so why not tech it up? Smart gadgets are popping up everywhere, yes, even bathroom gadgets. From a smart water leak detector to smart lights, we have rounded up 4 cool bathroom tech gadgets that you might want to consider installing.

Smart Water Leak Detector

Geeni Smart Water Leak Detector

Water damage can make a mess and cost you money when it comes to bathrooms. Smart water leak detectors help you catch leaks before they become an issue. These devices send alerts to your phone when they detect moisture/leakage in areas prone to water leakages like the toilet or sink. The detector is triggered when the metal sensors get into contact with water. A few drops of water can even set it off. Once triggered, a notification will be sent to the homeowner’s device and the detector will sound off a loud alarm to notify the person.

Smart Toothbrush

smart electric toothbrush

A smart toothbrush is a great way to improve the brushing process and ensure you get every crevice. These brushes work with an app that gives you real-time feedback that tracks your brushing habits, detects areas that need special attention, lets you know if you are missing certain spots around your mouth, and works to improve your brushing routine. A smart toothbrush can make your routine very efficient.

Shower Speaker

shower speakers

One of life’s little luxuries is blasting music while you shower. Many speakers have an IP rating or a score that shows their dust and water resistance. So depending on where you want to place your speaker, consider the IP rating since it varies, example, a speaker with an IPX7 rating can be fully immersed in water while IPX6 could withstand high-pressure jets from your shower head. Understanding the IP rating helps you understand how water-resistant your speaker is.

Smart Lights

XIAOMI Mi Smart LED Bulb Upgrade - Home Tech Gift Guide

Smart lights are not only efficient, but they save on energy too. Installing smart lights prevents unnecessary electricity usage and you can easily turn them on or off when the space is not in use, which is convenient for those who forget to switch off lights when leaving a room. Especially if you go to the bathroom at night, you can easily switch the lights on using an app. This will prevent you from stumbling into doors and walls, tripping and worst of all, stubbing your little toe – that one hurts.

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