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These Were The Most Used Apps in Kenya in 2019

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The year 2019 was a year of laughter, lessons and innovation. Apps were and still, in my opinion, the most versatile creations in the tech space. Below is a list of the most used apps in 2019.

Most Used Apps 2019 (Android & iOS)

WhatsAppWhatsApp Messenger
Facebook LiteFacebook
Opera MiniTikTok
Zash LoanSnapchat
TalaGoogle Chrome
Jiji KenyaGoogle Maps
Zenka Loan appMy Safaricom
Be CloserXender
BranchGoogle Photos

Communication Apps

According to statistics, the most used and downloaded app of 2019 is WhatsApp. This is the third year in a row WhatsApp has topped the charts. Of all the communication platforms, none compares to WhatsApp. The ability to send and receive pictures and videos revolutionized communication. Also, the fact that it doesn’t consume too much data, makes it a must-have.

Possibly, the addition of voice and video calls is the reason why many people use this platform. Being able to call and chat with people, instantly, all over the world and not have to pay roaming charges is a very captivating feature.

This, of course, taking nothing away from the growth of Facebook and Instagram, all owned by Facebook.

Loan Apps

Loan apps have in the last year flooded the android market. With Kenyans looking for means to make quick cash, loan apps were bound to pick up well, and they did. They consist of almost half the list and that isn’t sending such a positive message. Taking loans is always fun until you have to pay for them and having this many loan apps on the list sends a bit of worry in terms of Kenya’s progress.

Google Reigns Supreme

Google spans across all platforms and for iOS users who can’t download loan apps, (at least not from the App store) have flocked their list with Google apps. Most of us are already integrated into the Google Global System and when we move to iOS, we don’t want to lose that. So the most essential Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps and Google Chrome almost immediately get downloaded as soon one get their device.

Special mention to cab-hailing apps like Uber and Bolt and social and entertainment platforms namely Netflix, Snapchat and Twitter who are rising through the ranks.

Starting companies, especially those creating tech solutions have become now more within reach of aspiring entrepreneurs. Setting up LLC’s in Florida has caught attention for many companies rolling out tech solutions like the above-mentioned apps.

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