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Love, Death and Robots Volume III; Your Next Best Netflix Watch

Love, Death, and Robots Volume III

It’s quite a hustle for me to find a show I can binge on Netflix. Maybe I am too picky. It is even way harder for me to find a show I can re-watch. However, Love, Death, and Robots easily ticks both boxes to my satisfaction. Love, Death, and Robots Volume III is out now, and if you have watched none of it, you should. Yesterday.

If you have already watched it, hang on.

Love, Death, and Robots is an adult animated anthology streaming on Netflix. It comprises stand-alone episodes that have different narratives and animations. This collection of animated short stories spans several genres, including science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and comedy.

Obviously, from the title, it features a lot of love, death, and robots in between there. The latest installation is out (Volume III), and it is hands down my best from them so far.

Here is a teaser look at the 9 episodes of the latest volume in this anthology series.

Three Robots

In a post-apocalyptic world, three robots explore the last remnants of humanity. Here, they find an oil rig that was a base for millionaires and a field for spaceships where humanity’s most elite tried to escape to Mars.

It is a relaxed episode., with no exciting action. There is intense criticism of humans and the critique of modern-day society’s greed. Quite something to think about.

Bad Travelling

During a storm, a giant crab (a Thanapod) that consumes humans crashes onto a ship, wrecking its crew. The Thanapod asks to be taken to the nearby Island, where it will presumably feed on the unsuspecting population. The episode is action-filled with bloody conflict and twists between its characters.

The Very Pulse of the Machine

This one had me deep in thought. It is one of those ‘meditative’ episodes where every scene and conversation seems to represent a broader meaning. It follows a space explorer, Martha Kivelson, on an expedition to a Jovian moon that ends in disaster. Desperate to reach her destination in time, she takes amphetamine, worsening her hallucinations.

Night of The Mini dead

This is my best of the best. Great animation, story line, and the lesson or two on the question of life on earth.

A pair of horny teenagers defile a church and cemetery at night, accidentally raising the dead and causing a zombie apocalypse. One thing leads to the next, and a massive nuclear apocalypse happens as humans launch missiles on the Zombies. They depict the apocalypse as little more than an insignificant fart on the scale of galactic events.

Kill Team Kill

A group of US Special Forces encounters a CIA killing machine that’s gone rogue. Death and robots are strong themes in this one, with extreme obscenity and violence. If I said anymore, I will pre-empt the plotline. They have really impressive 2D art and non-stop blood-splattering action.


The episode gravitates around an alien star system inhabited by an insectoid race referred to only as the Swarm. Opportunistic scientists believe the insectoids are a sure way to help humanity evolve. The experiments, however, trigger a hostile response from the hive, which forms a new, supremely intelligent caste. Who wins?

Mason’s Rats

In a future version of Scotland, a farmer named Mason discovers rats in his barn using tools, presumably from devouring his genetically modified grain crop, and attacking him with crossbows. A battle of several days ensues between the farmer, his new killer robot, and tech-savvy rats . The episode evokes all the themes of love, death, and robots within the same breath.

In Vaulted Halls Entombed

A group of American soldiers is sent to rescue a hostage in Afghanistan, but end up taking part in a far more dangerous mission. In the sci-fi horror story, crab-like robots pick the soldiers off as they delve deeper into the mountain. Their search eventually leads them to an imprisoned alien god. Once I see an alien god in any scene, I am sold.


This is my second best episode in the volume. No talking, just screaming and pure action. It is a hypnotic tale of a deaf knight that encounters a siren-like goddess in a stream. The goddess lures a band of warriors to their death but becomes intrigued by the knight that cannot hear and fathom her powers.

Just writing this has pushed me to put the Love, Death, and Robots volume III on my watch list for the weekend again. As I do that, let me know your favorite episode.

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