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OnePlus Making An Android TV? Yes Please!

OnePlus TV

It has now been confirmed that OnePlus is making a TV. This has earlier been mentioned by the company’s CEO, Pete Lau back in 2018 September through the OnePlus forums calling it the “next level of intelligent connectivity to the home environment…”

Now, a listing on the Bluetooth SIG website confirms this, further describing the new TV as a “unique Android TV”. As the listing notes, the TV runs on an Android platform – which is much welcome.

The listing also sheds some light on the technical specifications of the TV, for instance, we get 4K LED displays (disappointing, our bet was on OLED panel but at least we get 4K resolution), since its a Bluetooth organisation, we also get information that the TVs will support Bluetooth 5.0.

We also know that there will be a total of 40 models, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we will be seeing 40 different TVs what these models represent the different screen sizes and the different regions where the TVs will be sold, which are U.S., China and India.

As for screen sizes, the TV models reveal that we get 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch variants with possibly the 75-inch only making it to China and the U.S. and the 43-inch model being an India exclusive.

There’s no official communication from the company regarding this development and we are not certain of when to expect a launch but as it was said in 2018, these OnePlus TVs are definitely launching in 2019, possibly alongside the OnePlus 7T smartphone later this year.

The question now is, how excited are you about the OnePlus TV because cannot keep calm!

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  1. […] the beginning of August, it was confirmed (through a listing on the Bluetooth SIG website) that OnePlus was indeed working on a smart TV. […]

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