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Make Chapatis Faster and Easier with This Chapati Maker

Chapati Maker

If you liked the Ugali Maker, you’ll love this. After scouring the internet, we finally found it. The crème de la crème. Introducing the Chapati Maker! Chapatis are a traditional delicacy. The only trouble that comes with them is the preparation process. That’s all about to change now.

The Chapati Maker

Chapati Maker

Image Courtesy Cooking with Shazia

Back in the day, during Christmas, Chapati was a staple food. It was a special meal. That’s the reason some of us loved Christmas. Preparing them needed time, coordination and accuracy. The boys would bring the floor, oil and charcoal required and the girls would then knead and prepare the Chapatis. It was a full-day event. It was tiresome but the results were worth the wait.

Making Chapatis was one of the first times we got to fully interact with shapes. Turning that dough into a flat and round base was no easy task. Now all those problems have been thrown to the wind.

They call it the Butterfly Chapati Maker. You’ll still have to knead the flour. We’re not gonna take that thrill away from you. The next step is to put small chunks of the dough onto the device and the rest of the work is super easy.

Butterfly Chapati Maker Features

  • Non-stick coating: This should ensure the dough doesn’t stick to the base of the Chapati maker.
  • There’s an adjustable temperature knob to control the temperature for making perfect Chapatis.
  • Power indicators with a red light that indicates chapati maker is on and green light that indicates the base is heating.
  • It is designed to stand vertically with a winding power chord. It’s pretty compact and should fit well on any countertop.

This video shows you how to use it.


Do you think you would use this device? You can purchase it on Alibaba and change the Chapati game!


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