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The 65″ Frame TV From Samsung Is Now Available in Kenya


In an announcement today, the Samsung Frame TV dubbed the world most aesthetic TV is now available in Kenya.

The Samsung Frame TV Now In Kenya

The Frame Samsung TV Kenya

What makes the Frame TV  so special is that, it moves into Art Mode when it goes off. Essentially, it turns into a picture frame that can display over 1,200 digital art from around the world.

Samsung’s idea is to transform everyday living space into an art gallery.

“Just like how a framed picture looks different depending on the time of day, The Frame adjusts the screen brightness based on the ambient light in the room. It does that using its in-built motion and brightness sensors.”

Specs and Dimensions

The new Frame TV hugs the wall at just 24.9mm thick, similar to the depth of a typical picture frame. The Frame TV is a full-featured Samsung smart TV.  It has all the apps and services of a standard Samsung 4K TV.

The addition of the Samsung Art Store gives you access to thousands of gallery-quality images of artwork. This is both famous works and new material from upcoming artists.

Additionally, the Frame has built-in speakers offering 2-channel 20-watt sound. However, if you want more robust audio to match your TV, it’s also compatible with Samsung soundbars.

Mr. Sam Odhiambo says

“The Samsung Frame TV comes with a separate connect box. This allows for all the wiring required to run the TV at optimum level. The screen is connected to the power through a one wire connection. The TV is mounted with a special “no- gap” wall mounting that allows the TV to sit flat on the wall like a piece of art”.

How Much Does It Cost?

The 65’ Frame TV that is available in Kenya will retail for KES 239,995 and comes with a two year warranty.

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