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Report Shows Kenyans Spend More Time Listening To Radio Than Watching TV

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Today, the Media Council of Kenya launched the ‘State of the media’ report. Its aim is to understand Kenya’s TV watch time and radio listenership. I’ve been going through it and the results are quite stunning.

Kenyans and TV: The Future Is Digital

According to the report, in Kenya, the majority of users spend only 2 hours watching TV. This is below the global average of 3 hours. The results show that 42% do not watch tv at all. So, the only logical question is, what are you guys watching?

Further results show that most people only watch TV (Citizen TV to be exact) for news and at least 30% rely on international content. The silver lining is that a lot of users still trust the media when it comes to news. It’s probably the reason why local channels still breathe.

Is The Newspaper Dead?

Here’s where the cookie is crumbling. According to the report, 75% of Kenyans do not read the newspaper anymore. The results show that the Daily Nation leads the line when it comes to news and what’s shocking is that most would sooner trust the likes of Twitter and websites like Tuko News and Gadgets Africa when it comes to written news.

Radio Is Still Thriving

On the other hand, radio listenership in Kenya is higher at 74%. This is 2 hours higher than the global average. I would suggest this is mainly because of the morning and evening shows Kenyans listen to when heading to or coming from work. Especially with all the traffic.

The report also looks at the time users spend on Social media and it’s hitting highs of 5hrs a day with many on Instagram, WhatsApp and TikTok.

How about you? Where do you stand? Do you still watch TV? Where do you get your news from? What’s your best form of entertainment? When did you last pick up a newspaper?

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