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How The LG InstaView Refrigerator Gets To Save Energy

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There is no doubt that the LG InstaView refrigerator was built to offer smart features in a modern kitchen that not everyone gets to have. From the UVNano technology to LG ThinQ, you will definitely be advancing your kitchen by getting its product. But some of the special features that the fridge also packs are designed to help it conserve energy as well.

It might not be as important to many, but the manufacturer definitely had that in mind especially in a world that needs energy saving now more than ever. So, what features help the refrigerator save up on energy on a daily basis?

LinearCooling System

The LG InstaView refrigerator is stunning on the outside which might make many not even on what goes on behind the scene to make it function. The company has been quite vocal on the refrigerator’s ability to distribute air throughout the storage partitions evenly.

This is all possible thanks to LG’s own Inverter Linear Compressor that is also patented by the company. The compressor is a compact device that is strategically placed at the back of the fridge and adapts an efficiency-engineering mechanism. This helps the cool air flow evenly thus preventing temperature fluctuations in certain compartments.

LG Instaview refrigerator

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So, you will not find your food in the freezer defrosted at any time. This in the end helps your food remain fresh 24/7. The lack of these temperature changes eventually enable the fridge to consume even levels of energy which helps you save up on electricity bills

The compressor also helps the fridge remain silent which pales in comparison to older refrigerators. According to LG, the Inverter Linear Compressor is durable for up to 20 years and holds a 10-year warranty that is valid even in the Kenyan market.

The LCD Display

We can all attest to how many time we open and close our refrigerators in a day. Most times, we don’t even open them to get anything but to rather just check what’s remaining.

Opening and closing refrigerators have chosen to be a major cause of temperature fluctuations which ends up with food going bad quicker than expected. Moreover, the fridge gets to use up more power trying to get back to normal temperatures every time we open it.

Luckily, this is less of a problem with the InstaView as it features an LCD glass panel that acts as a screen and a window for you to view the contents inside. By just knocking twice, the panel shows you what’s inside so you don’t have to open the doors if you really don’t need to.

LG LCD Display

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Eventually, you get to prevent these temperature changes and the fridge gets to consume less power than it should.

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