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Best Skyworth TVs To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices

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It’s almost everyone’s dream to own a good TV screen. But not everyone can get to afford the premium products from the likes of LG, Samsung among others. Luckily though, there are brands that did come up to offer enough competition and affordable products for consumers across the field. Skyworth is one brand among many more that provides such. Offering impressive television screens, the brand brings in prices that are, to say the least, shocking.

That is not to say that the screens are especially premium but they are usable. The displays are good enough to be used in any household. The company, based in China has made its way well into the Kenyan market with smart, LED, and digital TVs. So, if you want an Android-running TV or just a TV with a pre-installed decoder, check some of these out.

Digital Skyworth TVs

With these TVs, you don’t have to pay for your normal decoder subscriptions anymore as it comes pre-installed.

24″24E2000- Kes.13,500

32″32E2000- Kes.20,000

40″40E31000- Kes.34,500

24″ 24E3A12G- Kes.9,800

32″ 32TB2000- Kes.15,000

Smart Android Skyworth TVs

With a stable wireless connection, you get to connect to various streaming services with these TVs thanks to the Android OS running on them.

32″ 32E200A- Kes.26,000

32″ 32S3A31T- Kes.17,000

40″ 4053A31T- Kes.26,000

32″ 32TB7000- Kes.16,000

43″ 43TB7000- Kes.30,000

32″ 32S3A32G- Kes.19,500

43″ 43E2000S- Kes.37,000

55″ 55UB7500- Kes.48,000

50″ 50UB7500- Kes.42,000

55″ 55U2A13T- Kes.48,000

32″ 32TB5000- Kes.18,000

55″ 55U2A13T- Kes.48,000

50″ 50UB7500- Kes.41,000

65″ 65UB7500- Kes.92,000

58″ 58E200A- Kes.75,000

49″ 49E2000S- Kes.63,900

43″ 43E2000S- Kes.37,000

32″ 32S3A32G- Kes.19,500

55″ 55E2000S- Kes.70,000

The prices might differ depending on where you buy them.

This list will be continuously updated as and when Skyworth add to their list of TVs this year.**

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