OPPO Smartwatch Revealed Confirming More Features Ahead Of Launch

OPPO smartwatch

It is now officially out there that smartphone brand, OPPO is truly working on its first-ever smartwatch. We can pretty describe this as certain after the brand’s Brian Shen, OPPO’s Vice President and President of Global Marketing took to Twitter to tease the public. This was with a photo clearly showing the design that the watch will be taking.

From the darkened out photo that pretty much looks like a render, the watch is seemingly taking the shape of the famous Apple watch. This is very much a marketing gimmick to get people excited but it seems to have worked. This is mostly because of the many leaks that had been surfacing on social media for a while now.

From the image, we can all just hope that the watch comes as we see. With the screen looking quite clear, it is in everyone’s prayers that OPPO has given it an OLED display. This is mainly because anything less than that would be, to say the least, disappointing.

According to Shen, the watch houses a curved screen and 3D glass which look pretty much accurate from the photo. There is also a black strap and OPPO could offer more styles as per the industry standards. How accurate that will be will have to be till the launch of the product itself.

Nothing further is known for now other than what the brand’s executive has teased on Twitter. But rumours have been going around that it will feature ECG (electrocardiogram) for heart rate measurement. We will still have to remain in the dark as to whether the watch will run on Google’s WearOS or if it will be overlaid by OPPO’s Color OS or something totally different.

Everything will just be a matter of wait-and-see.

Update On 26th February 2020: 

About a week after the first render image of the upcoming OPPO smartwatch was released by an executive, we now have a first live image of the gadget. The image that was just leaked today, may now confirm that the watch will run Google’s Wear OS, shutting the door on rumours about an OPPO-developed interface.

Furthermore, the watch will allegedly have an aggressive price tag and won’t be as big in terms of size. The watch is of course expected to launch on March 6th alongside the new flagship phone, the Find X2.

Update on 2nd March

Four days before the official launch of this new product, the watch has finally been shown off in tow colour variants. On a new official poster, the OPPO smartwatch now has more features confirmed.

This includes voice call function through the call imagery on the screen of the watch. With this, there is a possibility that it may come with support for e-SIM, although will have to wait.

The new image also goes ahead to flaunt the square-shaped display that curves towards the edges. The main determinant, however, will be the size of the bezels.

Hopefully, some leaks will appear ahead of the launch to reveal some of its other functionalities. Also, it is yet to be confirmed whether the device is running on Android Wear OS.

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