Weekly Recap: Coronavirus Stopped Reggae and There’s More Drama in the Tech World

Image Courtesy Futurism

The spread of Coronavirus has really shaken the world. With over 1000 lives lost and well over 30,000 people infected around the world, it’s an epidemic that we didn’t see coming. However, an unexpected effect of the virus has emerged.

The world of tech is taking a bow to Coronavirus. We have already had MWC 2020 get cancelled over health concerns – a detrimental effect to businesses both large and small. Tech companies have also had to cancel their independent events and even worse, analysts warn that smartphone sales could take a dip of up to 50% due to the effects of the virus.

A good number of smartphones will be delayed and even the iPhone is about to be hit by an acute shortage. While we’re still not sure of how long this epidemic will last, for now, Coronavirus seems to have stopped reggae – at least in terms of tech.


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