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This Apple Ad Encourages Ladies To Delete Their Ex Boyfriends


It’s not unusual for Apple to be on the receiving end of criticism, especially when it comes to their products. However, it’s rare to find the company experimenting with “dangerous” ads but that seems to have changed. In a new ad for the iPad, Apple has thrown caution to the wind and stirred up some controversy.

In the 15-seconds ad, seen below, Apple is advertising the usefulness of the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil in editing photos. The ad starts off with the hand of a woman editing out a man from what seems like her holiday photos. As the ad comes to an end, the words, “perfecting your memories” are captioned.

A lot can be inferred from the video. It’s not unusual for couples to edit each other out of their photos after a breakup but it’s definitely unusual for a company to use this as a campaign approach.

The internet seems to not agree on how they feel about the ad, some don’t like it, some are calling out the men who are offended by the ad as fragile and some don’t really mind it:

Those that didn’t like it

Those that don’t mind it

The usual gender fight

Gadgets Africa Take

What side do you lie on? Do you think this was a low blow on men or was Apple just depicting what happens in real life and using that to their advantage?

We are just curious about one thing, who was the target market for this ad and if women were, would anyone actually buy the iPad and/or Apple Pencil just for the possibility of erasing your ex from your photo?


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