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From Wall-Sized To Foldables, Here Are Some Of The Craziest TVs Revealed At CES 2020

Samsung TV CES 2020
Image courtesy Ubergizmo

It’s all about personal and home electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA. But more to just normal tech, it is clear by now that all these companies are usually out there to try and present some of the craziest concepts to the world. Well, that is no different when it comes to television screens. In fact, this year may very well be one of the craziest with teams like LG and Samsung clearly giving it their all to showcase some of the products that will probably never be produced for sale. But that’s a huge maybe.

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So, here are some of the craziest screens that have been showcased so far at the week-long tech event.

The Wall

Showcased at Samsung’s CES 2020 stand, this is the biggest television screen you will probably ever get to see. This is unless another rival tries to go even crazier. Covered in our previous article, the South Korean tech giant pitched the idea of owning a 292-inch (or 7.4 metres)display at your home. It is basically the size of your wall and ironically enough, it is dubbed “The Wall”.

Samsung The Wall CES 2020

Image courtesy Cnet

What hits as a surprise, even more, is that it carries an 8K resolution. Talk of being perfect! According to Samsung, the ability to build such a huge screen is all thanks to the new MicroLED technology. This then gives it better picture quality than any other display out there. We may never see this TV in real life but just knowing that a massive screen with beautiful resolution and contrast is out there is enough.

Rotating Sero TVs

Thanks to Samsung again, we now have rotating TVs. Yes, you heard that right. What makes the screen special though, is mainly that the manufacturer has built the screen intentionally to be used in portrait mode. Of course, one can change it to landscape mode as every TV is meant to be. And even though the product had been announced late last year by the company, seeing it working in real life clearly has everyone excited. And yes, with it being much smaller at just 43 inches, this will surely be anticipated at stores.

Samsung rotating tv CES 2020

Image courtesy Best Buy Blog

So, maybe you will have a 43-inch giant phone.

LG Rollable TV

We have had crazy concepts at the smartphone division when it comes to designs but not much in the TV section. Well, now we have thanks to LG. The audience at CES 2020 was treated to an absolute eye-candy that is a 65-inch roll-up TV. That’s right, you can now hide your TV when you aren’t using it.

The screen is built to roll up and disappear into its cabinet, completely out of sight. When it Tv time then, you mash a button on the remote and the glorious OLED TV like a cobra from a basket.

The product had already been promised to launch and ship last year but the date was changed and alas here we have it. So, if you have around Kes.6m lying around, you might just get to marvel at the finesse that is LG’s roll-up TV.

LG Weaving TV

Now, I am not sure what LG has in mind but seeing this rotating online definitely got me curious. On LG Display’s section at CES 2020 stood an OLED sculpture that uses eight 55-inch OLED TVs. But what surprises, even more, is the individual TVs design in a wavy form factor. Either way, it was nice just seeing it, period!

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