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Twitter Testing Ways To Watch YouTube Videos Within The App


There’s a very long list of little things that frustrate me. For instance, how Pizza comes in a square box, presented in a circle and cut into triangle pieces!!. However in this case we’re talking about a different frustration. The fact that when you click a YouTube video link on Twitter, you can’t watch it in the app. You have to watch it over on YouTube. However, that’s about to change.

Twitter Updates and YouTube Integration

In a recent thread, Twitter announced that they would be testing ways to improve how we view media on their platform.

Sometimes it’s better said with a picture or a video. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be testing some ways to improve how you can share and view media on Twitter.

The tweets below show how the new feature will work.

Starting today on iOS, we’re testing a way to watch YouTube videos directly in your Home timeline, without leaving the conversation on Twitter.

The company is also testing ways to post 4K images on the platform. (Despite them still having no regard for the quality of profile pictures.) Including Fleets and Twitter Spaces, the social media platform has come a long way since they began adding new features.

However, let it be known that we are still waiting for that edit button.

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