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Twitter Users Might Soon Be Able To Edit Tweets, But Not How You expect It

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We’ve all been in situations where after posting a tweet is the time we notice the huge typo. Typically, this makes everyone yell for an edit button, a feature that users have demanded for years now but Twitter still remains silent on.

Well, we might not be getting an edit button anytime soon, but rather something close to it, and undo send button. This was revealed by tipster Jane Manchun who tweeted that the social network is testing this very feature.

From the GIF she posted, you can see the timer runs for about five to six seconds before the tweet is sent. This means the feature will give you a window of five to six seconds to cancel the tweet and correct your mistake. If not, the tweet is automatically posted on the timeline.

The feature, once made official, might spark a ton of conversation on Twitter Spaces on how the company should implement this. However,  However, product designer David Svezhintsev noted that in the current version, you can’t see the preview of the tweet while time is running out.

While it’s a show of progress towards the main goal, the fact that one can’t see the typo they wrote might end up beating the whole purpose of the feature. This is why it would be best for Twitter to roll out the feature to a number of users for now in order to get feedback.

If the feature is just pushed to everyone on a future update, it could end up doing more damage than good.

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