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The Evolution of LG InstaView Refrigerators

LG InstaView refrigerator French Door
Image courtesy LG

If you spoke to someone in the 90s or even early 2000s about a fridge that pretty much does what a computer can, there is a high chance that you would have gotten slapped.

Well, LG decided to take what had been seeing in sci-fi movies and turn it into an actual product that people can readily buy even in the Kenyan market.

All this began at CES 2017 when LG proved that an era of theory and buzz is over and that a new, real and very tangible ear of innovation is now upon us. Forth came the LG InstaView refrigerator that was most definitely one of the most advanced kitchen products around.

Of course, different models of the refrigerator have been coming up every year. But what is fascinating is that LG hasn’t failed to bring in new features with every new variant in a bid to compete as one of the best in the global market.

So, what has really been changing from the 2017 model till now?

LG InstaView Design

When we talk about design we obviously don’t mean that the current model has adopted insane designs like what we’ve seen with smartphones and laptops.

But looking at previous models of the fridge compared to now. it’s clear that LG has been trying to upgrade the storage space as well as the door shapes.

A 2018 model used to have this huge drawer-like look at the bottom that resembles the traditional freezer. To open the bottom compartment you had to pull this huge unit that might have been hard for small kids to open clearly.

However, the current models have either two or foot door units that are more convenient as anyone can easily open them. Additionally, there is no doubt that the new door designs brought in a new orientation when it comes to the storage space for both the freezer and fridge compartments.

Touch LCD Display

One of the features that LG always emphasises as the gamechanger in these refrigerators has to be the glass panel that also acts as an LCD display. The fact that you can use your refrigerator can connect to the internet and even be used for browsing different recipes still feels new in 2021.

But LG has been aiming at improving this aspect. This begins with the various software upgrades that WebOS, what the screen runs on, to make the user experience better.

The 2021 models were also announced to come with a bigger display which will be efficient for anyone that needs a larger field of view.

Voice Control

Previous models have had Amazon’s Alexa as the only AI. That has been changing with recent models thanks to other systems like Google Assistant and LG’s ThinQ.

The functionalities are also set to move to another level with the upcoming 2021 models that will now be able to open the doors via voice commands.

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